Hand Designed Laser Cut

In 2019, We chose to purchase a laser for our SoundEx Insulation and during the travel to pick it up we decided there was so much more we could do with it. Using our creative side we designed items that would be easy to carry in an airplane but also as memorable items. If you have a design that you would like, please contact us, We would love to help bring your ideas to life.

Collection: Fun Stuff from SoundEx by Lazerworx

SoundEx Products uses a laser for engraving patterns onto the Insulation, we have also chosen to utilize it in other ways Pilots, their wives or husbands or even families may enjoy other Aircraft items for fun.

 Here you will find Aircraft Earrings, Airplane Ornaments, and lighted Desk Lamp Boxes. If you would like to have your own aircraft, as earrings, ornaments or lamps let us know. 

We can engrave your aircraft onto wood or lighted acrylic. We can add N#'s or Names. Let us bring your imagination to life.