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SoundEx is a premium aircraft soundproofing /insulation includes excellent vibration damping and noise absorption properties. SoundEx is a superior product because of it's thermal qualities, adds less weight to aircraft, and affordability. Make flying fatigue a thing of the past.

Decibel reductions will vary depending upon how well your aircraft is currently insulated. Our latest data indicate that you should expect noise level reduction from 4-7 dB(a) and 10-15 dB©. From    singles and light twins to corporate jets, SoundEx is the noise reduction option of choice. Pilots and passengers can fly and communicate in comfort.

    Soundproofing / Insulation is placed against outer wall (gluing IS NOT recommended).  Each piece is cut to fit between structural members, which in turn hold it in place.

   When upholstered panel is installed, soundproofing/Insulation will be slightly pressed against aircraft skin (in most places), creating a damping effect.   Note:  On larger aircraft where the space is deeper, using adhesive may be needed.

   The soundproofing/insulation fills the cavity between skin (outer wall) and upholstered panel. Noise is trapped behind aluminum (foil) layer and absorbed into the acoustic foam core.


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